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Scores are one of the most important part of the collection. It consists of over 700 titles.
All the compositions that were commissioned by the Society over the years are preserved there.
Some documents mention the existence of a music file from the beginning of the theater.
It contains handwritten copies of the titles (as the first opera performed in 1847, Anna Bolena), a significant repertoire of dances for Carnival and several works that were presented to the competitions during twenty century.
This documentary series is in process of cataloging .


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Jone   Jone

Petrella, Errico
Societat del Gran Teatre del Liceu

Date: 18??
Description: 1140 p. manuscrites
Note: Obra enquadernada en quatre volums
Partitura del director
Genre: Concert
Descriptors: Partitures ; Concerts
Colletion: Administration
Work details: Jone