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Translation matters

Inicio: 2019-

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Translation matters

ISSN-e: 2184-4585 | Portugal 

Editor: Faculdade de Letras da Universidade do Porto, Portugal
Idiomas: inglés

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Translation Matters explores all aspects of translation, ranging from the theoretical and descriptive to the practical and technical. It thus welcomes: descriptive studies of translated texts in different languages, periods, cultures and media; theoretical articles about translational issues; papers relating to the practice of translation in different domains (technical, pragmatic, literary, scientific, legal, audiovisual, etc), interpreting, translator training and translation pedagogy, research methods in Translation Studies and translation technology. It aims to be, above all, a platform for young researchers, a staging post in their trajectory to the wider world of international Translation Studies. Thus, irrespective of the editorial decision, all authors will be given advice about how their articles can be improved.

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