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Inici: 1985-

Zhongguo Nongcun Jingji (中国农村经济) = Chinese rural economy

ISSN: 1002-8870 | China  China

Editor: Zhongguo Shehui Kexueyuan
Idiomes: xinès

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Chinese Rural Economy highlights theoretical discussion, policy guidance, practical relevance, and forward-looking forecast. It provides the place for exploring rural reform and development theory, window for understanding the reality of rural areas, platform for rural development experience exchanges, and reference for rural policy decisions. The mission of the journal is to study major theoretical, practical and policy issues to be urgently addressed and summarize and present experience in rural reform and development, with particular emphasis on the combination of theory and practice and the practical value of articles, in order to timely grasp the trends and tendencies of the rural economy. The philosophy of the journal is temper forward in pursuit of excellence, academic-oriented realistic contemplation, and foothold in China with a global view. "Temper forward in pursuit of excellence" refers to self-improvement of capabilities while keeping innovation and leading academic trends in line with the law of scientific research. "Academic-oriented realistic contemplation" means to carry forward the tradition of "linking theory with practice" and solve practical problems based on academic research. "Foothold in China with a global view" demonstrates the concerns on both domestic and international issues and embrace of authors at home and abroad. The sections of the journal feature: 1) rural situation and policy analysis; 2) rural property right system; 3) rural land; 4) rural human capital and labor transfer; 5) agricultural investment and growth; 6) grain; 7) food quality and safety; 8) sustainable development; 9) rural finance and insurance; 10) sectoral economy; 11) regional economy; 12) poverty; 13) farmers' income and consumption; 14) urbanization; 15) circulation and trade of agricultural products; 16) rural finance and supply of public goods; 17) rural organizational system; 18) technological advances in agriculture; and 19) foreign agriculture and world agriculture.

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