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 Journal of applied linguistics and professional practice

Inici: 2010-

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Journal of applied linguistics and professional practice

ISSN: 2040-3658 | ISSN-e: 2040-3666 | United Kingdom  United Kingdom

Editor: Equinox Publishing Ltd
Idiomes: anglès

Continuació de: Journal of applied linguistics (ISSN 1479-7887)
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The Journal of Applied Linguistics and Professional Practice was launched in 2004 (under the title Journal of Applied Linguistics) with the aim of advancing research and practice in applied linguistics as a principled and interdisciplinary endeavour. From Volume 7, the journal adopted the new title to reflect the continuation, expansion and re-specification of the field of applied linguistics as originally conceived. Moving away from a primary focus on research into language teaching/learning and second language acquisition, the education profession will remain a key site but one among many, with an active engagement of the journal moving to sites from a variety of other professional domains such as law, healthcare, counselling, journalism, business interpreting and translating, where applied linguists have major contributions to make. Accordingly, under the new title, the journal will reflexively foreground applied linguistics as professional practice. As before, each volume will contain a selection of special features such as editorials, specialist conversations, debates and dialogues on specific methodological themes, review articles, research notes and targeted special issues addressing key themes.

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