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 Journal of internationalization and localization
From: 2009-
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Journal of internationalization and localization

ISSN: 2032-6904 | ISSN-e: 2032-6912 | Belgium 

Publisher: John Benjamins
Languages: English


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The Journal of Internationalization and Localization (JIAL) aims at establishing a worldwide discussion forum for both professionals and academics in the area of internationalization and localization. The scope of the journal is as broad as possible in order to target all the players in the internationalization and localization profession. The specific aim of the journal is to leverage the full range of information, from academic research results to the floor of today's language industries, and, conversely, to leverage business experiences in order to inform academic research. JIAL addresses an interdisciplinary readership in that it focuses on contributions that generate an impact on the localization and translation industry. A link between professionals and academics is assured by the specific content of the articles and the members of the editorial board. Each issue is reviewed by both academics and professionals.
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